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Alternative Fuels

IWP takes pride in setting the standard for recycling waste streams into value-added products. In 2000, we did this again with the emergence of a biodiesel production facility unlike any other in the country. Our goal was to convert waste cooking oil from restaurants into a clean burning alternative fuel – biodiesel. Most biodiesel plants across the country manufacture their biodiesel from “virgin” vegetable oils, or oils similar to what you would see in your local grocery store. In contrast, our focus was to create biodiesel from waste vegetable oils from restaurants, and we were the first in the country to successfully do this on a large scale.

Our Biotane Fuels production facility boasts a 12 million gallon per year production capacity, and we have not been able to fully satisfy the growing demand in this industry. We also have a BQ9000 accredited certification as both a biodiesel producer and as a marketer – the only facility west of Texas with this prestigious certification. Our BQ9000 requires us to perform a long list of precise testing to ensure that the biodiesel we sell is the highest quality biodiesel available on the market. In fact, every gallon of biodiesel is subject to 35 tests before it reaches the fuel tank.

Today we live in a time when pollution is becoming a global health issue, affecting our natural environment in this country and across the world. Here at Biotane Fuels, we have committed to providing solutions to help protect our environment. We have committed to the recycling of waste cooking oil into a clean burning alternative fuel. We have committed to doing our part to preserve our earth’s natural resources, one gallon at a time.

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Enforce Products. A Division of IWP

Tire Products/Pipe Lubricants

Enforce products is a division of IWP that manufactures products for the tire industry. We have a complete line of quality products, and pride ourselves in our strong customer relationships. We have a state of the art production facility and can provide you with custom formulation or custom labeling to fit your specific needs. Below is a list of products that we manufacture:

  • Tire Mounting Lubricants
  • Tire Paints
  • Tire Sealants
  • Wide range of product handling including: dry, semi-solid, liquid, or finished products in packaging
  • Pipe Joint Mounting Lubricants

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Enforce Products. A Division of IWP

Release Agents

One of the ways that IWP has expanded its recycling efforts is by providing environmentally friendly release agents for the Concrete and Asphalt industries. Under the Enforce brand, we have created quality products that not only work great, but are replacements to the harmful petroleum based products in these industries. We also have the ability to create a custom formula or blend that will fit the specific needs of your manufacturing process. And to ensure your compliance with regulations for VOC content – our products meet the highest standards set in their respective industries.

  • Bio-Concrete Form Release Oils
  • South Coast AQMD Clean Air Certified
  • Bio-Asphalt Release Oils
  • Cal-Trans Certified

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Commodities and Animal Feed

For nearly half a century, IWP has been manufacturing and trading animal feed commodities. In 1966 IWP started as mainly a cottonseed trading business. We now specialize in producing and marketing many different commodities including dry/liquid commodities and by-products, throughout the Western and Southwestern United States. We trade with and service various agriculture-related businesses. In addition, IWP benefits from having merchandising agreements with numerous agricultural production facilities.

IWP manufactures many of our own specialty products to accommodate our customers. We have a full team of quality control managers that can guarantee quality feed products as well as provide custom blends to ensure that your livestock receive the optimal amount of nutrients.

“ is our goal to engineer and manufacture quality products at a competitive price.”

We have an onsite full scale, certified laboratory run by highly trained and experienced technicians. Using cutting edge technology and the most up-to-date testing techniques, we conduct through testing of our products in the laboratory and in the field. IWP goes above and beyond by testing more times monthly than a typical feed business.

Contact us at (800)975-6677; our staff is available to answer any of your questions or concerns.

  • Fats & Oils
  • Bulk Dry Commodities
  • Bulk Liquid Commodities

Custom Fabrication

IWP Custom Fabrication is a division of IWP that manufactures high quality and durable metal containers in a variety of sizes and designs. We can meet any specification or request that may be outside of the normal waste oil containment needs. Whether you have a small restaurant or 200 retail locations, IWP Custom Fabrication has a container or containment program that will fit your needs. With our experience in the rapidly expanding bio-fuels industry, we have quickly emerged in the industry as a leader in manufacturing of durable, affordable, custom grease containers. Below is a list of products that we manufacture:

  • Grease Containers
  • Food Waste Containers
  • Custom Compactors