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Biotane Fuels Division

Biotane Fuels Division

Biotane Fuels represents the new frontier in renewable and alternative fuels emerging on American markets today. Since the year 2000, Biotane Fuels has been at the forefront of the alternative fuels industry manufacturing “Biotane Biodiesel” from animal fats and vegetable oils.    Additionally, we offer our customers the ability to complete their “sustainability loop” by taking their waste vegetable oil and recycling it into an alternative fuel called Biodiesel.

Biotane Fuels is one of a few biodiesel plants in California, and the only one that is BQ9000 certified as a producer and marketer of biodiesel.  This certification ensures that every gallon of Biotane Biodiesel undergoes strict quality control analysis that guarantees customer satisfaction and vehicle performance.  As a member of the National Biodiesel Board, we remain committed to the advancement of industry standards and stimulating market growth for biodiesel.

Today, we live in a time when pollution is becoming a global health issue and global warming threatens the ecosystem on a worldwide scale. Here at Biotane Fuels, we are committed to developing and supplying alternative methods to reverse the depletion of our ozone layer and the browning of our skies.  Biodiesel is proven to reduce emissions/air pollutants, and has a higher octane value than petroleum diesel.  The focus of Biotane Fuels is to produce biodiesel from recycled waste cooking oils, highlighting our commitment to the preservation of the environment around us and our earth’s natural resources. Our mission remains the same – provide a clean-burning alternative to petroleum diesel.

Biotane Fuels.. . .doing our part to save the environment, one gallon at a time.

To learn more about biodiesel and our commitment to the environment, please visit our full website at:

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