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Green Team

IWP has been involved in the recycling of waste materials for nearly half a century. The Biotane Green Team was established to show the world how we do it.

The Biotane Green Team is a group of businesses (including restaurants, food manufacturers and service vendors) that committed to make a difference by recycling their waste cooking oil into a clean burning, alternative fuel: biodiesel. The Green Team gives businesses the opportunity to educate their patrons of their recycling practices, and show them how they have chosen to convert their waste cooking oil into biodiesel. As a Green Team member, you will be given marketing materials to help promote your recycling efforts in your place of business.

By joining the Biotane Green Team, you as an individual can be part of making a difference in our world today. Start making that difference today, be part of the solution – Join the Biotane Green Team.

To learn more about the Biotane Green Team and its efforts, visit our full website at: