About Imperial Western Products

About IWP

A Brief History of Imperial Western Products.

Imperial Western Products started as a small corporation in Coachella, Ca in 1966, with just a single location and only 9 employees until the mid eighties. The company originally traded commodities in the agricultural markets. Since 1966 Imperial Western Products has grown by leaps and bounds to become a very successful, broadly diversified corporation, always at the forefront of our industries. Lee Trawick, founder of Imperial Western Products, was always dedicated to producing quality products and providing excellent service to its customers. This same passion can still be found at Imperial Western Products, from the desk of the corporate executive in Coachella California to the blue collar laborer in Buckeye Arizona, always making quality and customer service their top priority. The expansion of the current multimillion dollar company includes twenty-eight divisions over eight locations and five production facilities throughout the Southwest.

In 1985, ownership of Imperial Western Products changed from owner Lee Trawick to his son, Bill Trawick. Since that time, our company has focused its efforts on the diversification of our products and services, the recycling of byproducts and environmental friendliness, as well as a personal invested interest in our employees.

Divisions of IWP

Imperial Western Products, IWP, has developed several major name brands in our industries: Biotane Fuels, Biotane Pumping, Enforce Products, and Bakery Solutions. We are involved in procurement, processing, services, manufacturing, transporting, warehousing, distribution, and merchandising throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Asia. We have rail distribution facilities from California to Florida and production facilities located in Selma, Corona, and Coachella California as well as Buckeye Arizona, Roswell New Mexico, and Lubbock Texas. IWP also has transfer sites strategically placed all throughout the Southwest. We have established ourselves as a leader in many of the industries we conduct business in and will continue to grow to be a more diversified company in the future.

Imperial Western Products is setting the industry standard for proactive environmental protection and conservation.

A large portion of our products are recycled and refined byproducts that are environmentally safe, biodegradable, and non-toxic. We believe it is important to make an attempt to turn the supply chain into a supply loop, in order to maximize material efficiency and minimize waste streams that lead to environmental breakdown. Imperial Western Products is always looking for new ways to recycle diverse kinds of waste into new and useful byproducts.

“Our employees are our greatest assets.” – Bill Trawick

Finally, our company takes pride in the people we employ. “Our employees are our greatest assets,” says owner Bill Trawick. We have always been committed to the personal and professional progress of the people that work for Imperial Western Products. The company is comprised of over three hundred employees including sales personnel, commodity traders, marketers, welders, plumbers, designers, fabricators, chemists, engineers, commercial drivers, plant operators and laborers. We recognize the importance of hiring and keeping employees that are committed to the success and forward progress of the company in which they work. IWP has developed a mutually beneficial relationship from employer to employee with this principle at the core.

Imperial Western Products continues to examine emerging needs in the marketplace and expand our capabilities to fill these needs and better serve our current and potential customers. Imperial Western Product’s goal is to produce the highest quality product at the lowest price, and we do this in a large part by challenging our people to think “outside of the box.” The company continues to be a major feed supplier offering custom mixes, high energy feeds, and low cost, high quality alternatives to traditional high priced, seasonal ingredients. Imperial Western Products wants to offer you the customer:
Quality, Value, and Service.

Our mission is to produce the highest quality products and services at the best value for our customers. We do this by remaining dedicated to our employees and continuously improving our processes, customer interaction, and vendor relations.

“…Community is a part of us.”

Imperial Western Products provides over three hundred jobs company wide, with half of them at our Coachella facility. The vast majority of the workforce that is employed by Imperial Western Products are members of the local communities in which we operate. Because such a high percentage of our workforce is recruited locally, it demonstrates that Imperial Western Products is just as much a part of the community as the community is a part of us. Imperial Western Products’ primary core value is to set the bar for corporate citizenship.

We are extensively involved in our local community sports and scholastic athletic programs. In addition, we provide direct financial assistance to serveral non-profit organizations each year. Our broad basis of community involvement spreads from Buckeye Arizona, New Mexico, and in the California regions of the San Joaquin Valley, Coachella Valley, and Inland Empire. Organizations we support include:

» Community Youth Soccer, Little League Baseball, and Softball Teams
» Public and Private High School Sports
» Humanitarian Assistance to charities that focus on underprivileged children
» Environmental Awareness education
» 4-H

Safety First

Safety is a key ingredient to the success of Imperial Western Products.

It is one of our main objectives to provide a safe and accident free work environment for our employees. It is very important that all employees recognize that all incidents and accidents are preventable; we do this by providing education to our employees thru safety meetings and training. We educate our managers in safety leadership.

We believe that each employee has the personal responsibility to themselves, their family’s and all stakeholders to work with a “safety first” mentality.

Our safety director, Esteban Infante, oversees the safety of each and every employee that works for IWP. Esteban has been very successful at keeping IWP’s employees and facilities safe over the last 7 years.

Esteban Infante
Safety Director

CPR & First Aid Certified
Complete OSHA Certification
BQ9000 Internal Company Auditor
Storm Water Controller
Security Administrator